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MY Eco-friendly Belize Vacation

16 May 2011 No Comment

For MY eco-friendly Belize vacation- I’m day dreaming of hours of NOT getting in the car to drive anywhere! I like the idea of hiking to see ancient treasures, instead of seeing my ancient neighbors when I’m out jogging now.

Here- cooking dinner, even being eco friendly consists mainly of local veggies & fruits we can get so I’d love to try ANOTHER area because eating MY local beans for 30 years- can get a little old sometimes.

I’d love to just relax on the beach, in a Rain Forest, or ANYWHERE that I don’t have to run to schools, doctor’s appointments, or even to meet the mail man for a few days! I think it’d be a ton of fun, to let the mail main wait for ME at my house for a change, while I take a break from it all.

Anytime we go anywhere, I always like to look at the area- I live in a forest with swamps and lots of trees, but not so much rain other than hurricanes. I find it interesting to see different wildlife, plants, and ecosystems and how they work. I like the smells of new flowers, berries and even the soil (sometimes, other times- not so much!). After working so hard here at home with everyone doing their jobs, plus me helping them all while I do mine- it can be a little bit much at the end of a day. That makes me think that it would be pretty cool- just to forget all that for a few days, and escape to the beach as if I don’t have a care in the world or a pile of laundry to return home to. Sometimes, we forget when we are adults- how beautiful the life we have is!

Photo credit: http://ecohomeresource.com