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Keeping Mother Earth alive!

3 June 2011 No Comment

By:  Emerlin Rodriguez

An ECOKID is someone who takes care of the environment and the nature of our country. An ECOKID also takes cares of our flora and fauna .For example, reforestation and burning less garbage. The ECOKIDS are special persons because they teach others how to take care of our environment. With their teachings we can make a better Belize and Mother Earth. An example of how to plant a tree is by either planting a branch or a seed; take care of it very well for the first few weeks. When this tree grows big it can become the home of other animals. Tree can be used for medicinal purpose and flowers for decorations. I always have admired the persons that like to take care of the plants and animals. The plants are very important because they give us the air we breathe which is called Oxygen. We can take care of the trees and flowers by giving it clean water, sun, and unpolluted air.

I want to be an ECOKID because I like taking care of the environment. I also like planting trees and taking care of the animals. I think everyone has the ability to take care of our environment. Best of all I like planting because it is very fun to plant.  When you plant it is called REFORESTATION and when you cut down trees it is called DEFORESTATION. I learned it at school because I like to learn more and more of science because this subject is just very interesting.

I think everyone has the right to learn how to take care of the environment and its flora and fauna. I would love to become an ECOKID to teach my friends the benefits of taking care of our environment. Thank you for the time you are giving!

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