Love the Earth

I want to be an Ecokid because I want to keep the environment clean. It is important because we people live in it. So please take care by not throwing old things. I strongly think we need to take care because if we go like this we can destroy the ozone layer. But we can do something about it like putting your garbage in your bag and wait until you reach to a garbage bin and throw it in the bin.  Please people stop the garbage. . . . .

I want to be an Ecokid so that I can protect the environment from the pollution of the cars because we are destroying our world. People if we cut the plant and the grass is like if we are killing someone very important. Because we are killing a piece of land where children can have fun. We will not be able to respire good air if we live in garbage. Because we have no air people we need to discontinue the chemical in the water.

I think that we should end the burning and throwing of garbage in land. Because it is very bad please clean your place, make them follow you take the beginning you can make a big help to the environment. Please take good care where you live and please not throw cans and old tires and rug is the one that destroys the earth soil. Therefore I ask you to love the Earth as I do and I tell you if you want to know more you can go to for more information about how to help the environment.

Please help the earth so we can play in green grass and thank you for helping the earth to not be destroyed.

Name: Joseph Oliva

School: Yo Creek Sacred Heart R.C., Belize, Central America

Age: 13

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