The Warm Welcome

By Bret Devies & Tera Williams

We had set up a day at the spa the night before.  Waking up on the seventeenth, we were eager to have a day alone.  We were told that getting everything done would take about six hours, including lunch.  We were each getting five treatments, which take an hour each.  The walk up to the spa itself was interesting, with both sides of the path littered with bizarre and interesting trees.  I specifically remember seeing a poisonwood, which I found fascinating.  It was a pleasant hike up to the spa, and we were welcomed warmly when we arrived.  To start us off, my wife and I received massages.  Our masseuses were talented and capable, and so for the next hour we simply lied down and melted into the massage tables.  I am not  particularly knowledgeable in this field, but they used warm oil that was soothing and pleasant.

Afterward we had lunch, which we’d ordered after arriving. We both got margarita pizzas, which were excellent.  Possibly one of the best dishes we ate during our stay. To wash it down we each had juice, and afterward we were separated for an hour.  I personally went and got a facial, while my wife had a manicure.  The facial was interesting, having never had one before.  It was also very relaxing, as I fell asleep at least twice during it.  My wife, meanwhile, picked out a pleasant green nail polish (which my mother complimented her on when we returned).  After that, we switched.  I didn’t pick out any nail polish though, and so my manicure didn’t take the full hour.  I waited on the deck, looking out over the forest at curious trees, alien insects, and colorful birds.  So far, the day was sunny and bright, and we still had two hours of spa treatments to go.

My wife went on to get her body wrap, while I got a pedicure.  Again, I didn’t have my nails painted, and so I was done a bit early.  Both the manicure and pedicure had been pleasant enough though, with a lot of attention to detail in their respective treatments.  The body wrap was a bit more interesting, and because of my naivety in such matters, what was in store was completely unexpected for me.   The body wrap was a lot of fun and a very new experience for me.  Overall, the day had me laughing and calm.

When we returned to our room, we were in for quite a surprise.  Sitting on our bed was a small wooden box, with glass walls.  Inside it was a cocoon, and beside this were two cards, and two vouchers for free drinks at the bar. One letter explained that we were being given a butterfly that would emerge from a cocoon in a couple days time.   We were to let it wait at least three hours after it emerges before releasing it.  The other letter was welcoming us to The Lodge at Chaa Creek, personalized to us.  Additionally, we got a framed poem by Kahlil Gibran.  The entire sentiment was touching.  Our entire experience at Chaa Creek, and everybody we met, was amazing.  After taking a dozen pictures of the cocoon, we went to use our free drink coupons.  The special of the day was the Yellow Bird, so that’s what we got.  We drank them poolside and used the internet from the community center to update our family and friends on how our trip was going.  After that we went to dinner, ready to finish our day and turn in.  Once again, we had a pleasant evening, and we made our way to the concierge, setting up what would be our third day in the beautiful country of Belize.

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