Chaa Creek's Belize Eco Kids Camp 2011

Chaa Creek’s Eco Kids Camp 2011 commences

Chaa Creek's Belize Eco Kids Camp 2011

SATURDAY July 23, 2011 – Today, twenty-four children from all over Belize arrived at Chaa Creek to commence this year’s Eco Kids Camp 2011.

The eco councilors alongside the camp sponsors, the Fleming family greeted the happy kids at 3PM for a quick orientation at the Macal River Camp which will be their home for the next eight days.

The eco campers were overjoyed as they were introduced to everyone, received their camp materials, met their fellow bunk buddies and reviewed their fun filled schedules.

Chaa Creek Belize Naturalist Guide
Chaa Creek Naturalist Guide: Meshack

Immediately after settling down, the children had dinner and the activities commenced since a Creatures of the Night interpretive tour was planned for that same evening. Experienced Chaa Creek naturalist guides David and Meshack split up the groups evenly and everyone was off to exploring the jungle trails nearby.

Everyone was amazed of how active the jungle was at night and received a firsthand lecture on the importance of preserving the natural ecosystem.

What is the importance of not killing a Rainforest Toad, asked Chloe Auil an eco camper from Belize City?

Meshack responded by telling the kids how toads feast on flies and insects, if there weren’t any toads, there would be an over infestation of flies.

All the children smiled.


On Sunday July 24, the day theme is Biodiversity/ Conservation, stay tuned for more.

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4 thoughts on “Chaa Creek’s Eco Kids Camp 2011 commences

  1. My wife and I are very proud parents of Kaitlynne, one of the participants in the Eco Kids Camp 2011!

    We’re looking forward to seeing the updates and to see and enjoy the stuff the kids are actively doing day by day. Do keep posting the updates regularly for us and other parents for this 2011 camp.

    We’re sure they must be having a blast and enjoying all the learning opportunities they have each day during the camp!

    Thank you for all the work that Chaa Creek puts into the program and kudos to all the volunteers and staff who make everything possible!

    Herbert and Deadra

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