Corozal Belize – A Great Place to Retire Abroad

Kiplinger.com, a Washington DC based publisher of business forecast and personal finance advice has selected Corozal District in Belize as a great place to retire aboard.

According to the article that appeared in Yahoo! Finance, Corozal Belize was selected because it offers retirees beaches and tranquility and big city amenities such as malls and museums just across the border in Chetumal Mexico.

“English is the official language, though Spanish is widely spoken. The government operates a “qualified retired persons” program that allows non-Belizeans to enjoy perks such as tax-free imports of household goods, cars and even airplanes. One-time application and program fees add up to $1,350, plus another $750 per dependent” writes Donna Fuscaldo, the contributing author for Kiplinger.com.

Read the entire article here.

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