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Belize Photo of the Day: Striped Basilisk aka the Jesus Christ Lizard

2 August 2011 No Comment

Belize Lizard the Striped Basilisk aka the Jesus Christ Lizard

Today’s picture of the day is the female Striped Basilisk scientifically known as the Basiliscus vitatus.  The male can reach the approx. length of 225mm with a tail of almost three times as long.  Striped Basilisks are arboreal and terrestrial, and are abundant in Belize occurring in a wide variety of habitats such as Chaa Creek’s 365 private acre reserve.  You can find them in the evergreen broadleaf forest, semi-evergreen seasonal forest, Karst hills forest, highland Pine Savannah, interior wetlands and coastal lagoons and marshes.

Fun fact of the day:

These creatures are also most commonly encountered in the vicinity of aquatic habitats and will occasionally run for short distances across the surface of the water, hence the famous nickname the Jesus Christ Lizard.

Submitted by Naturalist Guide: Hilberto Tut

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