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Meet the Eco Kids 2011

8 August 2011 2 Comments

The Eco-Kids Camp 2011 was comprised of 24 children from all over Belize who received a chance to visit Chaa Creek for an entire week to learn about Belize’s Biodiversity, The Ancient MayaMaya Traditional Healing, Land Conservation, Solid Waste Management, Responsible Tourism, and Belize Wildlife.  Everyday was packed with adventures which not only allowed the kids to have fun but to also learn how they could contribute positively to Belize and our environment.  Needless to say, we can surely pledge that Belize will have a better future which these bright youngsters from every single district.  Allow us to introduce them!

Kory Gillet - Ladyville, Belize

Stephanie Ruiz - Belmopan, Cayo

Jaron Pakeman - St Paul's Village, Belize

Brittney Garcia - Yo Creek, Orange Walk

Elias Alamina - Belize City, Belize

Zehyr Nesbitt - Barranco, Toledo

Abel Blanco - Yo Creek, Orange Walk

Kaitlynne Haylock - Belize City, Belize

Alex Atkinson - San Pedro Columbia, Toledo

Chloe Auil - Ladyville, Belize

Sundiata Forbes Hendy - Belize City, Belize

Stacey Grange - Paraiso, Corozal

Emil Bradley Jr - San Ignacio, Cayo

Crystal Cal - Yo Creek, Orange Walk

Giovanni Pinelo - Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo

Esperanza Nesbitt - Barranco, Toledo

Tyrell Pronk - Hopkins Village, Stann Creek

Lonzelle Sherrard - Georgeville, Cayo

Richard Coc - Maya Mopan, Stann Creek

Cindy Lu - Corozal Town, Corozal

Wayne Arnold - Burrel Boom, Belize

Andrea Gutierez - San Ignacio, Cayo

Kevin Levy - Corozal Town, Corozal

Shaneli Pop - Santa Elena, Cayo


Read about the entire Eco-Kids Camp 2011!

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Sunday July 24, 2011 Eco Kids learn about Belize’s Biodiversity and Conservation

Monday July 25, 2011 Ancient Maya lessons at Chaa Creek, Belize

Tuesday July 26, 2011 Eco Journal – Maya Traditional Healing

Wednesday July 27, 2011 Photoblog: Eco Kids visit Chaa Creek’s Maya Organic Farm

Thursday July 28, 2011 Eco Solutions for Belize: REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE!

Friday July 29, 2011 Responsible Tourism in Belize: Chaa Creek’s Ecotourism Model

Saturday July 30, 2011 Guidelines to Protect Belize’s Wildlife

Sunday July 31, 2011 24 Belize Eco-Ambassadors Graduate

*If you know anyone of these kids, let us know by leaving your comments below! Thanks

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