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ADO Bus line Starts Services in Belize

5 September 2011 11 Comments

The bus company ADO Group, explained today to the Belizean Media its new transportation services, that will benefit Belizeans.

The first service, called “The Hospital Route”, with its starting point in Belize City will travel through Orange Walk, Corozal and a final destination in Merida, Mexico. In Merida, the Bus makes courtesy stops at the most important hospitals of the city, with the last stop at the Merida’s Terminal. The return portion calls the same stops.

The second service route departs from Belize City, making stops in Orange Walk, Corozal, Playa del Carmen, Cancun Airport and a final destination at Cancun’s bus terminal. The return portion calls the same stops, including Tulum where ADO is promoting Belize and offering special deals to international tourists. This route will facilitate international tourists to travel to Belize; none of the buses will stop in Chetumal in either direction. In both cases, the departure time from Belize City will be after the last service provided by Belizean transport companies. This will not affect their normal services.

When travelling to Merida or Cancun, passengers will be allowed to board the buses in Belize City, Orange Walk or Corozal ONLY if their final destination is Merida or Cancun. From Belize City, passengers will not be allowed to descend in Orange Walk or Corozal, neither to travel between those cities.

From Merida or Cancun to Belize City, passengers will be allowed ONLY to descend at the corresponding stops of each route. Passengers will not be allowed to board in Corozal or Orange Walk in order to travel to Belize City or between those cities.

The service is designed to benefit Belizeans. ADO realizes that it is easier for Belizeans to take the last bus from Belize to Merida, and Belize to Cancun, at 8:00p.m. and 8:15p.m. and arrive to the final destination at 6:15a.m. and 7:00a.m. This will bring great savings for Belizean families, because people who need to travel will not need to spend money on an extra night at a hotel or make their family to go and pick them up.

“We are trying to make transportation to Mexico easy for Belizeans and also to provide international tourists the easiest and most comfortable way to travel to Belize,” stated the ADO press release. “We foresee that the new routes will increase the number of tourists entering Belize and to contribute to the tourism industry. Tickets to Merida or Cancun from Belize City are $79 one way.”

Source: http://ambergristoday.com

Belize City to Cancun:

Departs BC daily at 8:15 pm; stops at Orange Walk, Corozal, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun Airport.

Arrives at Cancun bus terminal at 7:00 am.

Fares: BZ$55.00 to Tulum; BZ$63.00 to Playa del Carmen; BZ$79.00 to Cancun.

Note: On the ADO website, the departure time is currently shown as 8:00 pm.

Belize City to Merida:

Departs BC daily at 8:00 pm; stops at Orange Walk, Corozal, and the most important hospitals in Merida.

Arrives at Merida bus terminal at 6:15 am.

Fare: BZ$79.00 (one way).

The buses are first class, air conditioned with forty-four seats and a toilet.

In Belize City, buses arrive at and depart from the Belize City bus terminal (commonly known as Novelo’s) located on West Collet Canal.

Passengers can board the buses at Orange Walk and Corozal only if their final destinations are in Mexico. Travel between points in within Belize is not permitted. These buses not stop in Chetumal in either direction. The bus runs shall not affect the services provided by Belizean transport providers.

On the ADO website, Belize City has been added to the list of destinations. The trip from Cancun to BC is listed as:
Departs Cancun bus terminal at 10:15 pm; from Cancun airport (not listed); from Playa del Carmen at 11:40 pm; from Tulum at 12:45 am.
Fares to BC: MX$474 from Cancun; MX$440 from Playa; MX$382 from Tulum.

Trip time: 8:10 hours.


Source: BelizeBus.wordpress.com

********************* More Updates September 29 2011

The proprietors of the Mexican bus service ADO today announced the Minister of Transport has approved a change in schedules on the Belize City to Merida and Cancun route. According to the ADO press release, the new schedule will see their buses departing Belize City at 7:30 pm as opposed to the previous announced time of 8 pm. The new schedule is as follows:

Belize City (7:30 pm) – Orange Wal…k (9:00 pm) – Corozal (10:00pm) Tulum (4:00am)– Playa del Carmen (5:00am)- Cancun Airport (6:30am) – Cancun Bus Terminal (7:00 am)

And the Hospital Route (Merida), like this:

Belize City (7:00pm) – Orange Walk (8:30pm) – Corozal (9:30pm) – Merida (6:00am)

The ADO release says that the change is schedule will “bring benefit to all the Belizeans, because you will be able to catch your flights on time, or be on time to your Doctor’s Appointment.”

The new scheduled went into effect on Sunday, September 25.

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