studying in belize

Studying in Belize

Studying in Belize

Prospective college students who are worried that college may get in the way of traveling may find that online learning is a great alternative to a rigid college schedule. Whether you’re on the beach or deep in the rain forests, as long as you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection and a laptop, you’re good to go. And if you’re going to Belize, there are a few simple tricks to keep your costs down and travel safely.

Laptop Insurance
Spending money on laptop insurance is the last thing most students might think about before taking off on an exciting trip. But launching a hot coffee on your keyboard or dumping your laptop off a hammock and into a swimming pool when you’re dozing in the afternoon after sunshine and a big lunch might make you reconsider. In addition to providing protection for your laptop, insurance can give you significant peace of mind as well.

Language Skills

Though English is spoken in Belize in many places and is the official language, Spanish is also spoken. Having a good grasp of Spanish can be very helpful as well. And you don’t necessarily need extensive college classes to gain a working Spanish vocabulary. It may be old-fashioned technology, but a good Spanish-English dictionary and a verb conjugation book along with a decent work ethic will give you loads of usable Spanish. If you’re a more tech-minded individual, taking online classes can be a great option for supercharging your Spanish language acquisition as well as allowing you to take Spanish classes while traveling and interacting with native Spanish speakers.

Look for Scholarships

If you’re attending a traditional university but have a hankering to visit Belize, look for scholarships or fellowships. Even small colleges offer scholarships and grants to study and travel in the country of your choice. Many students don’t even bother to apply for these grants because they assume the likelihood of receiving one is slim. As a result, some very well funded fellowships have few applicants. A grant that allows you to pursue your own course of study in Belize is actually far simpler to receive than you might imagine. If you craft a well-worded grant proposal which outlines your proposed academic endeavor in a concise and logical manner you stand a good chance of getting it. If you incorporate anthropological and sociological elements—for example an in depth study of Mayan culture—into your grant proposal you will improve your chances of success considerably.

Stay in Touch

Just because you’re having a great time in a secluded rain forest in Belize doesn’t mean you have to be incommunicado. With your Wi-Fi connection and laptop, Skype makes it easy to stay current on what’s happening back home as well as keeping your family in the loop. Although Skype is very easy to use, make sure you show family members—especially older and less tech savvy grandparents—how to use Skype before leaving home. A quick run-through ahead of time could save you a lot of hassle later. Using phone cards always requires spending money and sometimes finding a telephone isn’t the easiest in remote areas. But Skype is free and—if you have decent Internet access—always keeps you accessible.

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