Love Belize

You know you LOVE Belize when……

We asked our Facebook Friends, Fans and Followers the following question on Saturday, September 24th:

You know you LOVE Belize when……??

And what do you think was their remark? Of course, they only had wonderful things to say about our beautiful country such as:

  • You know someday you will be living there
  • You go to Siene Bight and see the lagoon on one side and the sea on the other side.
  • When 95% of the food you crave while pregnant is Belizean food.
  • You stay and never leave.
  • actually feels good to you when you step off the tarmac at the airport and the wall of humidity hits!
  • your expierence is one of the best vacation expierences you remember. 🙂
  • When you leave and you can’t stop doing and listening to things that remind you all the time of the Jewel
  • you go on vacay and stay for 3 years and come back home with a belizean husband and a baby.. LOL!!!
  • can’t go to sleep without a tropical thunderstorm any more.
  • You go on a three months university study contract and a year later abandoned study, spent your last study assistance cheque on a boat, are a member of the Placencia Producers Coop and are quite happy fishing for a living…No shoes, no shirt, no diploma

If you have not answered the question yet, we would love to hear your response by commenting below.

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