Belize’s Blue Hole -An Amazing Hole Around The Earth

Belize’s Blue Hole is featured as a Top Ten Amazing Holes Around The Earth according to ListVerse website, an educational website whose focus is to list things that intrigue and educate people from around the world. Every day the website presents a new unique list in any one of their fifteen categories from art & literature to science & nature.

The article asserts that many enormous holes have been dug in man’s search for mineral wealth but nature occasionally produces astound holes like the Great Blue  Hole of Belize.

The article describes the Belize Blue Hole as follows:

This incredible geographical phenomenon is situated 95.6kms off the mainland of Belize, and is a part of an atoll that makes up the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. There are numerous blue holes around the world but none as stunning as this one. For any diver, diving Belize’s Blue Hole is one of the most incredible dive that can be done.

Check out the other 9 amazing holes around the Earth in this video:

Have you been to the Great Blue Hole or any of the other amazing holes?


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