Scott Amron creates eco-friendly vanishing fruit labels

Chaa Creek applauds Scott Amron for creating the eco-friendly vanishing fruit labels

Scott Amron creates eco-friendly vanishing fruit labels

The New Yorker Scott Amron is known for his creativity at Amron Experimental, Inc. but today he caught the world’s and Chaa Creek’s attention with the eco-friendly creation of the vanishing fruit labels. The description on his website states that by washing these Fruit Labels, you will see it dissolve into an organic fruit cleansing produce wash that helps remove wax, pesticides, dirt and bacteria.

What a great eco-friendly idea! We are at all smiles. Go Scott!

An article in relation to this innovation appeared this morning on Yahoo News titled: Fruit label dissolves into organic produce wash. The write up follows.

A designer out of the Big Apple has come up with an innovative idea that takes the bite out of annoying fruit stickers: vanishing labels that dissolve into soap.

It’s a novel idea that will be welcomed by consumers who’ve bitten into stickers along with their fruit or have had trouble peeling off the old labels one too many times.

New York-based designer Scott Amron of Amron Exptl. created the label which is awaiting patent approval.

For the consumer, a bit of water and rubbing will dissolve the sticker into an organic fruit cleanser that removes wax, pesticides, dirt and bacteria.

For the retailer, the stickers are able to display Price Look-Up (PLU) codes. They can also be removed normally by peeling them off.


Image credit: Amron Experimental

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