latana's flowers and berries

Belize Photo of the Day: The Lantana

latana's flowers and berries

Today’s Belize photo of the day is the Lantana and its scientifically known as Lantana camara. Lantanas are a native species to the New World and Old World Tropics and the Southern parts of the United States.

Lantanas are known to be an invasive toxic plant to grazing animals but is considered a delicacy for several birds such as Hummingbirds. Other birds also use this plant for decorating their nests and butterflies like it for its honey.

The Latana flowers are very beautiful and there are many showy varieties. You can find them as plain white, yellow, pink, purple and the wild ones are reddish orange with yellow. The above photo is an example of a wild Latana and it was taken on our rainforest trails.

Photo submitted by Naturalist Guide: Hilberto Tut

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