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Belize’s Animal and Plant Life are the Stars of the Country

With a special twist, the wildlife of Belize is once again under the spot light with the latest mention by LonelyPlanet.com

Lonely Planet notes that Belize’s animal and plant life are the stars of the country, thanks to the conservation of its forests and reefs. Visiting the country’s various resorts, lodges, hotels and tour agencies offer a range of tours, nature walks, birding trips, botanical trails and other activities for nature lovers. In the result that you hire a very knowledgeable guide, these tours provide an opportunity of seeing, identifying and understanding a wide range of animals and plant life to a greater extent.

Look for the most recommended guides as they will show you a surprising variety of creatures and plants, many of which you would never spot otherwise. Night forest walks can be especially (and literally) illuminating, as you use flashlights to check out kinkajous, crocodiles and other nocturnal creatures. Birds, of course, are everywhere, but again guides will spot and identify far more than you likely would alone.

The emphasis of this post is that yes Belize has spectacular wildlife but most importantly, you should enhance your experience in the company of one of Belize’s many friendly and knowledgeable naturalist guides in order to make your visit even more extraordinary.


wild pig belize

jaguar belize

underwater belize

belize snorkeling

reef fish belize

All photos are credited to LonelyPlanet.com

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