mick fleming was the flying santa

Belizean Santa Came Flying Early This Christmas

Santa literally came flying early this year for 65 local children from the surrounding Chaa Creek communities. The children who live nearby Chaa Creek were treated to a magical experience this weekend when our staff planned a Christmas party filled with enjoyment, fun games, surprises and hearty Belizean food.

Christmas in Belize: Santa flew in early

The Chaa Creek guides are the initiators of this idea and throughout the years they have grown fond of all the local children as they regularly drive through these communities when transferring guests to and from the lodge, and are warmly greeted by the kids with cheerful hellos and bright smiles.

chaacreek belize staff with local kids

Aside from this Christmas party, Chaa Creek also hosts back to school events where the staff arranges a party and kids are given various school supplies and books.

Judging from the kids recent reaction, we sense they were more excited for this occasion when they saw Santa flying down from the sky.

Yes you heard right, the best and most unique experience was when Chaa Creek’s proprietor Mick Fleming dressed as Santa Clause, arrived flying down from the sky in an Ultralight! The children jumped in amusement as Santa greeted them with many gifts and surprises from his flying sleigh.

mick fleming was the flying santa

Another grand experience for the children was when Gigi the Clown arrived, she added an extra cheer to a superb day of happiness.

clown gigi at chaa creek's party

The fun games of the day included: tug and war, lime and spoon race, and sprinting, among others, which made the atmosphere full of joy and Christmas ecstasy.

belize kids games

The children’s enjoyment was priceless and definitely the best Christmas gift our staff could receive.

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