Walking in warm winter wonderland

(A new take on an old song)

“Walking in a winter wonderland…”

That old song always conjures up memories, and for those of us born in northern climes, those memories invoke white pastoral scenes, snow laden fir trees, roaring fireplaces, red cheeks, mittens, even the odd sled or two with tinkling bells. Whether it was Peggy Lee or Dean Martin singing, the song never failed to stir something inside.

In Belize we would listen to the Byron Lee and the Dragonaires version, and that’s the memories I have today while anticipating coming back to Belize for a romantic December holiday.

A winter wonderland is just as wonderful without the cold and snow, even more so for sun seekers such as myself. Now, when I hear that song, it conjures up images of warmth, relaxation, swimming in the Caribbean, Macal River or Rio On pools, waking up to the sounds of parrots and toucans, fresh fruits for breakfast, holiday barbeques and rompope instead of eggnog. For me, the crunch of sand under bare feet trumps the crunch of snow under the boots any day.

The streets of San Ignacio near The Lodge at Chaa Creek become a colourful, tropical winter wonderland when the shops put up their decorations and that unmistakable Christmas cheer kicks in. Out on the islands there’s something magical about dancing barefoot to holiday sounds with the Christmas ornaments waving in the warm tropical evening breeze and the sound of the Caribbean in the background.

So with apologies to Messrs Bernard and Smith (that’s Felix and Richard, the original composers of Winter Wonderland), I’ve added my own lyrics, going from the original:

When it snows, ain’t it thrillin’?
Tho’ your nose, gets a chillin’
We’ll frolic and play, the Eskimo way,
Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland


In the sun, ain’t it relaxin’

Just chillin’, nothing taxin’

The evenings are warm

When you’re in my arms

Walking in a winter wonderland

Sorry ‘bout that. It’s obviously time to head back to Belize, a winter wonderland like no other, and to Chaa Creek, a winter experience that can only be described as wonderful.

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