Belize's Bay Leaf Palm

Belize’s Bay Leaf Palm

Belize's Bay Leaf Palm

Today’s Belize Photo of the Day is the Bay Leaf Palm which is scientifically known as Sabal mauritiiformis and is a well-adopted plant that is commonly used for thatching in Central and Latin America. In Belize, it is an ideal sustainable agriculture crop as it is native and needs little to no irrigation or pest control, and many tourism facilities like beach and jungle resorts use it for thatching since it creates a roof that sheds water, provides a cool interior and is relatively inexpensive to construct and maintain.

The Chaa Creek’s Cottages for example, are sheltered with these sturdy leaves and as part of their focus on sustainability and environmental conservation, a bay leaf reforestation project was initiated on Chaa Creek’s 365-acre Nature Reserve in the Cayo District.

Having a tropical background, the Bay Leaf Palm can strive under full sunlight. However, once temperatures lessen to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the leaves may possibly die.

Photo taken by Naturalist Guide: Selwyn Bol

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