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The Ruddy Ground Dove

8 January 2012 One Comment

Today’s Belize Photo of the day is the Ruddy Ground Dove and is scientifically known as Columbina talpacoti. The Ruddy Ground Dove is a resident breeder from Mexico, and Central and South America. In Belize, it is a fairly common resident along the coast and in the Southern, Western and Central Belize.

The Ruddy Ground Dove

The above photo was taken at The Lodge at Chaa Creek where experienced naturalist guides can assist you in spotting over 308 species of resident and migratory birds that reside within their private 365 acre nature reserve.

The Ruddy Ground Dove is approximately 17cm long with a weight of 47 grams. They primarily feed on seeds of introduced and native grasses, grains, insects, and fruits from the nearby flora.

Adult males have a pale gray head and neck with rich rufous upperparts, while the female is gray-brown, and has less contrast between head and body than the male. Both male and female doves can be found feeding on seeds at the Macal River Camp.

Submitted by naturalist Guide: Selwyn Bol

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