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Traveling to the Luxurious Wilderness in Belize

Driving deep into the woods on dirt roads with Ben in a jeep, we arrived at The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Macal River Jungle Camp. These little houses are called casitas.

Accompanied by the noises of birds, insects and the occasional dripping of water from the wet leaves, the owner of Chaa Creek made every effort to create a jungle experience for visitors without abandoning comfort and safety. Imagine listening to the howling of monkeys and panthers as you rest in this open air casitas…without electricity, alarm clocks or the noise of air conditioners.

Once before, the inhabitants were Mayas, and visitors today still have access to the Macal River and the Medicinal Trail of Belize. Go canoeing on the Macal River or mountain biking or hiking into the woods with a knowledgeable guide. Every part of the place in its natural state.

The casitas is about USD55 per person per night including hearty home cooked breakfast and dinner. Ideal for budget travelers or travelers who want to experience a night with a chance of visitation from wild animals at your window and the activities of nocturnal animals. And, waking up to the sound of birds chirping.

Check out the ‘outhouse’…with the convenience of flushing toilets and hot showers…

After ‘roughing it out’ in the jungle, it is time to spend a night at the luxurious suites…

Jungle paradise…Belizean style…you get WiFi…no TV…outdoor showers, balcony overlooking the river, tree top and giant iguanas lying on tree branches….

We were in Belize for just 7 hours in October. We will be back to the casitas and the villas of The Lodge at Chaa Creek in our long term travel. Other than airfares, accommodation takes a big part of traveling budgets. Fortunately, there are many types of accommodation for travelers these days. We can swap houses, rent apartments, condos, cheap or expensive hotels and resorts, farmstay, go hosteling or even camping.

Glamping is a term used for luxurious or glamorous camping usually at a eco-friendly resort and for green vacation. These casitas in Chaa Creek can be categorized as a glamping facility…camping without roughing it out.

Have you done glamping or have a recommended place for glamping in Belize or anywhere in the world? We would like to hear from you. Please leave your comment below.

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