Belize Photo: Yellow Heliconia Caribaea

Belize’s Yellow Heliconia Caribaea

Today’s Belize Photo of the Day is the Yellow Heliconia Caribaea which is a member of the plant family, Heliconiacaea. This tropical flower is native to Central and South America and is abundantly found in Belize, the Amazon rainforest, and some islands in the South Pacific.

Belize Photo: Yellow Heliconia Caribaea

The flowers of this species are  highly modified leaves in the shape of lobster claws with two arcs of air canals in its leaf axis, five fertile stamens, lateral stamens of inner and outer whorls fertile and no perisperm. It grows to a height between 9 to15 inches and its foliage is banana like with waxy white coating on stems and lower midrib.

Preservation and Conservation Strategies:

Heliconias have become increasingly popular as decorative flowers, especially in those regions where they cannot be grown in the garden. Grown for their beautiful, brilliant colorful flowering bracts, they require bright light and are heavy feeders of any well balanced fertilizer.

Photo taken by Naturalist guide: David Juarez

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