Chaa Creek Adventure in Belize

By Barbara, The Trip Advisor Blog

Chaa Creek CottageWe recommend Chaa Creek to any soft-adventure traveler – and really want to support the conservation incentives of the Flemings.  Jean & I visited Chaa Creek in the fall of 2009. Boy, had it changed since I was there in the early 90′s – back then it was a few thatched huts and outdoor deck / restaurant set on the banks of the Macal River. Of course the location hasn’t changed! But there’s tons more cabanas, an infinity pool that looks like it could be at a luxurious resort (which actually Chaa Creek is now), a proper restaurant aside from the bar….Chaa Creek's Infinity Pool

Their commitment to sustainable tourism has not changed either. Founded by Mick & Lucy Fleming,they have grown their private rural home into a modern Eco-Lodge. They are not just about ‘green washing’ – this is the real thing. They are a model of low-impact, sustainable tourism; in fact, they were the first in Belize and all other lodges have used them as a mentor. Don’t let the now polished ‘resort’ look fool you.

Canoeing on Macal River

We only spent a few nights there as we were traveling around Belize. What I enjoyed most….(hard to

prioritize!) was canoeing by ourselves on the Macal River, where we floated under perched toucans and cookoos!!


My highlight was when I was walking alone at dusk on the Rainforest Medicine Trail, when I heard ashuffle in the woods. I quietly peered closer into the tangle, and heard a low hiss. There was an animal on all fours looking at me – I had never seen anything like it! I thought I knew most animals that occurred here. I was so so excited! Not until I came back to the compound and checked the computer, did I find the name: Tayra. It’s in the weasel family (which it does resemble). Whoo Hoo – a lifer mammal.

Chaa Creek Tayra


Birding at dawn was fun, and Jean & I were smug, knowing more than the rest of the group. The good thing is that some had never even thought about birding until they decided ‘why not’? It’s an included activity.

Maybe some new bird enthusiasts were born that morning.

Chaa Creek Spa Massageand…

My wonderful massage in a breezy white tent set up by the infinity pool. I like to get massages when I travel, and this was one of the best.

We would both recommend Chaa Creek to any soft-adventure traveler – and really want to support the conservation incentives of the Flemings.

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