The Beauty Of Nature

By Elias Gonzales ( 11 years old)

My name is Elias Gonzalez.  I am eleven years old and a Std. 4 student at Holy Redeemer School, Belize City.I would like to be an Eco-Kid because I wish to learn more about the beautiful nature that we have in our country Belize especially the plants. They bring beauty and makes me see and enjoy Mother Nature.

I come from a very humble family, my mother is a single parent for as long as I can remember.  We lived in Belize City for ten years but it is now one year since we moved to the beautiful village of Burrell Boom and live in Fresh Pond. Every day rain or shine I have to catch the bus to come to school and get back home.

My mother works hard to give me and my brother; James, 5 years a good life.  She teach us how important it is to respect each other and everyone.  Nature plays an important role in my family’s life because it is the earth that provides our daily meals.  My mother always tells us about the way she grew up.  My abuelito was a farmer and planted all kinds of vegetables like sweet pepper, okra, tomato, cucumber, sweet potato, carrots, corn, plantains and lots others.

I enjoy the greenery, the fresh air, quietness of the village life so every summer I look forward to go to Camalote when I am on vacation. I and my abuelito clear the dry leaves around the fruit trees and cut down dry leaves from the plantain trees.  The area becomes clean and the big trees give me shade when I want to rest.  I want to learn more about the plants and the country’s beauty and do things to make my mother very proud of me.  She always ask me  things that she doesn’t know, I am happy my mother learns from me.  Education is a must and she insists that I do well in my class work.  She works as a housekeeper and from her little earning, she saves and does her best to give us what we need and not what we want.  She teaches me and my brother to thank God all the time as God is first in all we do.

I want to be a doctor but I know that first as my mother says I have to study hard. People tell me I have to study eight years to be a doctor so I have to work hard to become a doctor.   I learn that a lot of medicine comes from plants and it sounds interesting, I want to learn more about this.  I hope that what I have written can help me to be an EcoKid as I know the camp will help me a lot.  Everything I am aiming for is for a better future for all my love ones.  I thank you all!

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