How to Travel With Kids

Traveling can be a fun adventure for all ages, but only when things go accordingly to plan. Sometimes bringing your child along can be difficult because a child doesn’t have the patience or the comprehension on travel things as much as an adult does. So here are some helpful hints to write down before you take flight:

Entertainment options: The more options you have for your child to keep busy the better. This can include a DVD player and their favorite movies for the flight or coloring books that they can color. The key is to find small, compact and easy to pull out as fast as you can when a possible meltdown is on the brink. These will help entertain and keep your child busy and happy.

Snacks: No one likes to travel on an empty stomach, be sure that your child has a full meal in their bellies before boarding. Pack several yummy snacks to prevent any complaints. Things like granola bars and crackers are filling and delicious without spoiling their dinner. Keep an emergency stash of their favorite candy for the worst case scenario.

Security: Whether your child has a favorite stuffed animal or clings on to a blanket for comfort, don’t forget it. Children find comfort and security in these items when they are unfamiliar with something. Bring their prized possessions and allow them to carry it with them.

Timing: Time your flight or car ride around their cranky times. Every parent knows when a child is not at their best, typically right before or right after nap time. Plan to board a flight at their happiest part of the day. Flights and cars are a great way to lull a child to sleep. So trying booking a flight at their bed time, typically less people fly on these flights and the chances of your child sleeping through the whole flight are greater.

Make it fun: The reason why children aren’t good travelers  is because they don’t understand what is going on.Flying can  scare them because of the unfamiliar noises and the air  pressure on their ears is uncomfortable. Your goal is to  explain to them everything going on and make it a game. If  you stress, they will stress. So keep it fun and positive!For a smooth flight and travel itinerary, be prepared by packing the essentials listed. Remember to make it fun and time it just right! Happy and safe travels!

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