Belize’s Romantic Vacations “Work Miracles”

Is a romantic tropical vacation as effective as counselling in helping couples with their relationships? Some couples seem to think so, even going so far as to say a romantic Belizean holiday worked miracles for their love life, Chaa Creek’s Food and Beverage Manager Bryony Fleming said today.

“I received an email from a woman in the US thanking us for a holiday that she said rekindled her and her husband’s love for each other. She said that their time together here worked miracles and did more for bringing them closer together than months of expensive counselling.  Later on, during a staff meeting, everyone seemed to have a similar story about couples saying they left here happier and more affectionate than they’d been in a long time.

“I think the lesson is that sometimes people just need to break the routine and spend some time together in an exotic setting to rekindle their love for each other, and we decided that we’re going to continue to make a couple’s stay here as romantic as possible,” Ms Fleming said.

Ms Fleming said that Chaa Creek had pioneered “adventure romance” in Belize and has become the country’s popular venue for destination weddings, honeymoons and other romantic getaways.

“It’s not something we planned so much as just having seen grow over the years.  After more and more requests for us to host weddings I took a personal interest in wedding planning and designing honeymoon packages, and, mostly through word of mouth, interest continued to grow. Now, when we see a couple booking a stay or one of our affordable all-inclusive Belize vacation packages the staff automatically goes that little bit extra to make the experience as memorable as possible.”

Ms Fleming said that she believes couples find Chaa Creek so seductive due to its location, scenery and other factors – including Belize’s long history as the land of flowers and chocolates.

“We have all the ingredients for romance here. Couples have the run of our secure 365 acre rainforest nature reserve with miles of trails perfect for beautiful hikes,  horseback riding, mountain biking or nature walks – with or without one of our naturalist guides. There’s also canoeing the lovely Macal River, romantic jungle picnics and tours of ancient Maya temples and archaeological sites. These sorts of adventures bring people together, and then at the end of the day there’s professional couples massages in our Hilltop Spa, lounging with a glass of champagne in a private Jacuzzi, exquisite candlelit dinners or just looking up at the stars from your own veranda.

“There’s an abundance of flowers everywhere you look, as well as beautiful butterflies, tropical birds and incredible scenery. This is also the part of the world where, thanks to the ancient Maya,  chocolate originally comes from, so lovers have been sharing that for thousands of years, just as we continue to do today. I can’t think of a place more tailor-made for romance,” she said.

Ms Fleming recommended that couples booking a stay at Chaa Creek advise that they are on a romantic vacation. “We’ll take care of everything else from there, so they can just concentrate on each other and let nature take its course. I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised,” she smiled.

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