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Not only am I excited about the Rich Culture of the New World Maya, but I am also excited about Belize’s Nature and Wildlife

27 October 2012 No Comment

By: Amy Nelson

Experiencing Ancient Traditions and Celebrations

Imagine waking up in the jungles of Belize on a beautiful 80°F day when sunlight is shortest and darkness is longest to participate in ancient festivities with the Maya to ring in the winter solstice.  Here at home, the temperatures will be freezing and there will be chaos and fear from the “potential end of the world”, but in Belize, it is time to celebrate the new calendar year.  There will be many life enriching activities to be experienced with the New World Maya that I am eager to participate in including watching ancient slate stone carving, making my own chocolate, learning about medicinal plants and even learning Maya massage techniques!

Not only am I excited about the rich culture of the New World Maya, but I am also excited about Belize’s nature and wildlife.  There are many unique species of bird to watch, butterflies galore, monkeys in the trees, iguanas running around and amazing sea life swimming along the longest reef in this hemisphere.  I have never stayed at Chaa Creek, but the bungalows look amazing and I am thrilled by the idea of canoeing on the Macal River and taking horseback rides through the jungle to ancient Maya temples.

So, as the days will start to become longer and the nights will become shorter, it is time to revel in the moment.  It is time to take it all in.  It is time to take in the history, the culture, the nature, the weather, the good company, and the life changing memorable moments.  Experiencing Maya winter solstice in Belize, heck, just spending a week at Chaa Creek during December 2012 would be a dream come true!

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