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The Highlight of Our Belize Trip

29 April 2013 No Comment


Dear Chaa Creek,

I have been wanting to write this letter for a long time.  We stayed at Chaa Creek from March 1 to March 6, 2013, so I apologize for taking so long.  Our stay was not only the highlight of our trip to Belize but one of our most memorable stays anywhere!

The restaurant was superb.  We are admitted “foodies” and Chaa Creek did not disappoint us.  We looked forward to meals in the same way some people are excited about clothing or a new car.   The flavors, the presentation, and the variety…Oh my, I wish I could come back today!  And, all of this is such a beautiful, relaxing setting.  I loved the beautiful and variety table settings and flowers.

The staff in the restaurant were beyond wonderful.  Just writing thinking about them brings a big smile to my face.  Their knowledge about the food, their patience with my attempts to practice Spanish, their heart-warming smiles, and their professionalism were superlative.  The fact that so much of the food was grown on site and organic has huge importance to us.  I talked with Mr. Mick on March 6, and he said it was hard.  As a gardener, I know it is but the importance for our health and the planet is essential.

I would also like to mention the grounds, your recycling program, the rooms, and the tour options.  The grounds, separate cottages, and rooms were so beautiful and peaceful.   When we arrived I thought Chaa Creek must be pretty close to Shangri La.  A perfect atmosphere for relaxing and rejuvenating.  I loved hearing the howler monkeys and was so excited to see them.  I was also impressed by the recycling program and the absence of toiletries.  Good for you!  I have traveled all of the world and taken some trips options such as you offer.  I want you to know that your staff, especially Hugo Lamb, were again superlative.  Hugo’s knowledge, love of the place, and fun loving spirit made each trip even more memorable.  The Medicine Walkand the tour at night were great.  I really, really appreciate your efforts to bring awareness to the world we move in.  Thank you.

Well, in short, I hope I have conveyed how much I loved coming to Chaa Creek.  I have told many friends about our stay and hope that we can come back again and again.


Tina Baldwin (and Michael Haseltine)

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