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16 June 2013 No Comment

Chaa Creek wishes dads the world over a very happy Father’s Day this year.

Happy Fathers Day

Here in Belize we’re  celebrating in the usual fashion, as well as having a special Father’s Day celebration and song competition at the at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City, which sounds like a great idea.

The competition will feature songs in different genres done by students and is being hosted by the Association for Belizean Artist First and the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports.  Belizean Artists First vice president Jorge Ernesto Babb had this to say:

“My message to the fathers is to go to the Bliss and listen to the children and get the wisdom and the understanding that they are putting out for you; they love you, they honour you, respect you and they want to unite with you.” 

Out here in the Cayo District, Belize’s civilised yet still pristine Wild West, there will be special dinners, presents and that little bit of extra attention Dads don’t insist upon but always welcome. It’s amazing what a simple hug and a “Dad, we love you” will do for the person who helped bring you into this world.

So to all you fathers out there, put the feet up, relax and take a moment to congratulate yourselves on doing something that, quite frankly, is a miracle – bringing new life into this world.

Once again, a very Happy Father’s Day and

Feliz día Padres

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