Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013

Why I want to reduce Global Warming

By: Brianne Rash,  12 years old

The following is a submission of one of our applicants to this year’s Chaa Creek Eco Kids Summer Camp.

Officially known as the Children’s Summer Camp Scholarship Program, the annual event gives 24 young Belizeans between the ages of 8 and 13 a chance to learn about their natural world through a mix of adventure, social interaction, fun and hands-on education aimed at instilling a sense of wonder and responsibility for the environment.

The Eco Kids are selected after submitting a 300 word written essay which is reviewed and shortlisted by the Chaa Creek scholarship committee with the winners going on to attend the summer camp.

Chaa Creek will be providing all lodging, three healthy meals and snacks each day, structured educational activities, arts and craft materials, tee shirts, 24-hour camp counselor supervision, and guided tours conducted by licensed naturalist guides.

Good luck potential Eco Kids!

Why I want to be an eco-kid

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013

My name is Briannie Rash and I am 12 years old. I live in San Pedro Columbia Village but I attend big Falls Roman Catholic School.

I would like to be an eco-kid because I would like to reduce global warming which causes holes in the atmosphere. All this is due to air pollution which is a result of burning things such as bottles, cans, and other plastic things. This is not healthy for the environment especially for plants which give us oxygen.

An eco-kid conserves. Water is essential to life so we should not waste it. We could teach others as well how important it is for our daily lives. Without it we may die of thirst. Water is also important for marine life. The garbage we throw in the water kills the fishes.

An eco-kid uses land wisely so I can teach others that cutting down too many trees is a threat to many species and their habitat. But to us as well because we need the trees. The oxygen we breathe comes from the trees and without it we will die. Slash and burn causes mudslides which is very dangerous because loose mud may fall on houses, kill people so it is dangerous to the environment.

I would like to teach others that doing this not only hurts the animals but us as well. Pollution is not good instead we could do reforestation, inter-cropping, reduce, reuse and recycle things so that the environment can be a safer place to live in.

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