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Good bye April

3 November 2013 2 Comments

tapir april belize

Along with all of Belize we say farewell to April the Tapir, no doubt Belize’s most beloved and recognised animal.

For 30 years her birthday was a media event celebrated by children across Belize.

She passed away peacefully at her home at the Belize Zoo in her sleep, in the company of the people who cared for and loved her all these years.

April’s birthday was a tradition most Belizeans grew up with, and  her birthday parties were an annual event on television. She was loved by children and there are very few school kids in Belize who haven’t petted this docile, friendly creature. It may sound odd that a tapir could have charismas, but April had it in heaps.

So farewell April, you brought joy to many a child (and adult) and you’re already missed.

And our condolences go out to the staff at the Belize Zoo – we know she was part of the family.

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