Belize Whale Shark friend honoured

Dr Graham has dedicated 20 years of her life to saving endangered species like the whale shark and is well known in Belize for her work in educating people that sharks and rays should not be feared, but rather respected for their important role in the environment, especially Belize’s Barrier Reef, an incredibly rich but also fragile ecosystem. She has worked tirelessly and successfully to win legal protection for whale sharks.

The Gentle Giants return to Belize

Beginning in March and running through April, May, June and sometimes further into the summer, the annual migration of these gentle giants to Belize is a rare, truly magnificent sight. In fact, Belize shares the distinction of hosting whale shark migration feasts with only a handful of other places in the world, including Madagascar, South Africa, Australia, Mozambique, Indonesia and the Yucatan.

Winning a trip to Belize would be a dream (finally) come true!

Belize is clearly a diving mecca, but there is so much above sea level to explore. With 2012 right around the corner, I’m really hoping to explore the Mayan temple sites and the Sacred Caves. I would love to do some bird watching. I lost my mom to cancer just two years ago, and she seems to follow me and appear in that form now. Of course, I also look forward to the diving and snorkeling possibilities as well.