Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013

I am an eco warrior. I love animals especially sea animals. I sometimes get to go diving with my dad. I have my junior PADI and I got certified in Mexico. I also have swum with wild manatees, bull sharks, sea turtles, and all those kind of things.

How Important Is Being Eco-Friendly to You?


I am a smart, handsome and respectable young boy. I love travelling and meeting new people. Being Eco friendly is a good idea because it allows us to protect and preserve what valuable assets we have in our surroundings. We can practice being Eco- friendly by turning off lights when it is not necessary, turning off water sources when there is no need to use water and recycling asset that can do so.

Clean and Green

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2013

I am so glad I heard about the Eco Kids Summer Camp Program because it is important that we, the younger generation protect and preserve our environment. As a 12 year old girl, I learn in school that our beautiful Belize is full of natural resources and we should keep it clean – we should pick up trash when we see it, clean our yards, as well as our community for it to look pristine and charming.