The Eco Kids Rainforest Adventure Continues…

Chaa Creek has had a rich past as an ancient, bustling ancient Maya community and trade centre, as a vibrant part of the early British Honduras chicle and logging industry and as one of the many farms supplying San Ignacio town before becoming home to Belize’s first eco-resort. As part of our commitment to Green sustainability, all of us at Chaa Creek are continually promoting greater environmental awareness and respect for the things that make Belize so special.

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In our fast-paced, material-heavy modern world, it can be difficult enough at home to live sustainably: Practicing environmental and ecological ethics on the road is sometimes that much tougher. There’s less under our control; we’re often beholden to local practice and custom about which we know little; and we may, like it or not, be part of a massive tourist horde, the impacts of which are substantial.

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When I visited the Chaa Creek website, I was immediately struck by the beauty of Belize and the appreciation and respect that Chaa Creek gives to the natural gifts of the country. I also felt the sense of balance that Chaa Creek has achieved- eco adventure with comfort, relaxation with intellect, and the environment with sustainable business. I would like to visit Chaa Creek because I support the mission of balance that you strive to bring to your visitors. Chaa Creek puts people back in balance so that they may return home and forge positive change in their own lives and the world. To me, Chaa Creek is happiness!