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A Good Belize Travel Experience Should Change You

A good travel experience should change you. You cannot gain anything by stepping off a plane and being surrounded by the same things you had at home. A good travel experience separates you from your comfort zone and gives you a fresh new look at the world. Having previously traveled to Belize as an archaeology student, I took in the staggeringly beautiful natural life that Belize has no shortage of. I was surrounded by lush rainforest and everything alive that things like pollution, agriculture and our quest for resources is threatening. I saw how globalization caused by my own Western culture is destroying so much life and beauty. Thus, my empathy and passion to change flourished. You cannot be passionate about a cause if you haven’t experienced it first hand. Studying the Mayan ruins while there was a daunting reminder of what can happen if a society fails.

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[18 Jun 2011 | No Comment | ]
Get Back to Nature and Breathe

Ever felt suffocated and congested in hotel rooms? You are experiencing nights during your vacation where you tossed and turned because of the lack of oxygen or fresh air in the room? When you are supposed to be relaxing and sleeping…you are actually developing a migraine because of the lack of sleep and comfort.

Your meals wear you down. You can’t seem to put a finger at what causes you to feel that way after every meal. Is it the greasy food or the artificial ingredients that were added to the cooked food? What happened to the old-fashioned goodness home cooked meals that they advertised?