Eco-friendly Ways to Travel the Globe

Chaa Creek Hiking

In our fast-paced, material-heavy modern world, it can be difficult enough at home to live sustainably: Practicing environmental and ecological ethics on the road is sometimes that much tougher. There’s less under our control; we’re often beholden to local practice and custom about which we know little; and we may, like it or not, be part of a massive tourist horde, the impacts of which are substantial.

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The carbon footprint we leave must be minimal and carefully considered when traveling to places that have history, natural beauty and cultures before us. We be must be considerate of this and we must ensure future explores enjoy the history before us which must be carefully managed for the future. Well, I found this and more at Chaacreek resort, A ECO resort that that has been recongized as the best of the best with it’s owner leading the ECO industry with there stewardship in maintaing one of the worlds gifts.