Our Arrival in Belize

We eventually arrived at Chaa Creek, where we parted ways with Joe Awe and our fellow tourists. We were shown to our room. For lack of a better word, it was incredible. The bathroom was huge, with a double shower. We had a second shower that was outside, with large stone walls for privacy. Our bed was massive, with more than enough room for the both of us, and placed casually in the middle of the foot of the bed was an elephant. It was designed from several small hand-towels. We set down our bags, for we had finally arrived.

Chaa Creek Fun Day

As a Guide at Chaa Creek we are well aware of many things necessary for tourism and development to work – ecology, the environment, and historical, sociopolitical and socioeconomic circumstances of our country Belize. We also know that tourism is a vital main vein that leads to the life of the entire economy. On the other hand, we also know that educating ourselves, friends, guests and neighbors of the importance of this phenomenon of travel, we will help in the advancement of the country responsibly. We also know that we must have fun doing it!