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Who would have thought? Amid all the mighty and more noticeable species we see in the rainforest, it is the various fungi that act as nature’s police force to keep the delicate balance in check.

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Native to the tropical regions of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, the Golden Thryallis blooms all year round and is a fast growing plant that grows up to 4-5 feet tall.

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By becoming an eco kid, I will equip myself with the knowledge I need to know how to better care for growing plants and to protect the animals and their habitats. By being an eco kid, I could be given a life learning experience.

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[23 Nov 2011 | 9 Comments | ]

Travel has the effect of getting you outside of yourself and there is something especially grand and unexplainable about nature, and how it refreshes your body and soul the closer you get to it. One easy way to get close to nature is through outdoor camping. Fortunately, now even individuals who don’t want to sacrifice certain comforts can do it. The question is, can you be convinced to take on glamping for your next vacation?

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Belize As My Eco tourism Destination

His body was made of leaves and stones, and he could change shape and travel around the forest without being noticed and leaving no trace at all.
He was so well blended with the surroundings that nobody could spot him, so he had no friends, cause nobody ever got to meet him.

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Ann Roellke – A Nature & Animal Lover

My wife’s name is Ann Roellke she has been a nurse on cape cod for the past 15 years and is a caring and giving person. She is also a nature and animal lover . Her job is extremely demanding and stress-full . After her 4 twelve hour shifts , in her most exhausted moments I look at this giving individual in awe of her stamina and her ability to give and give. I often search and wonder what could be the perfect venue for respite for the giver that she is . Then one day she came upon your website and she was deeply moved by your resort and the Eco friendly environment you provide. She has always been a “nature child” and takes great comfort and peace when surrounded by natures beauty. It truly “recharges” her and enables her to continue her selfless gift of giving…..

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I Love Nature

I would most love to come and stay at your camp! I hope I will be accepted. My name is Maya, which is sort of funny because I am not mayan, but all my best friends are mayan. I want to come to your camp to see how it is different from here. Here is Lubaantun in Toledo! I want to explore the jungle with you because you know lots about it. Also I would love to ride your horses one day.

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Keeping Mother Earth alive!

I want to be an ECOKID because I like taking care of the environment. I also like planting trees and taking care of the animals. I think everyone has the ability to take care of our environment. Best of all I like planting because it is very fun to plant. When you plant it is called REFORESTATION and when you cut down trees it is called DEFORESTATION. I learned it at school because I like to learn more and more of science because this subject is just very interesting.

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[9 Apr 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
Can a summer make a difference?

Schools may promote environmental education, conservation practices or once a year’s celebration of Earth Day. However, the lack of real life, hands-on exposures to environmental education may lead to a generation of unaware and ill prepared young adults. We might be producing a generation of people that lacks the knowledge of sustainable and responsible living.

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[31 Jan 2010 | No Comment | ]

For children of any age, wonder is intrinsic to their learning. Nature, wildlife, creatures of the forest – all induce great questions. How are these animals different from us? How do they breathe, eat and move? What makes some dangerous, others not? Why are they of different shapes, colours, sizes and looks? It is questions like these that arouse curiosity and provide the basis for a child’s exploration of the universe.
With two kids, aged 12 and aged two-and-a-half, my …

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For Belize, Chaa Creek Lodge delivers environmental protection as well as economic development. For the guests, it’s an opportunity to connect with nature as well as a reminder of its beauty and value.

The question is whether places like Chaa Creek can become the new normal, and make a clean break from the centuries long history of environmental neglect in Belize.

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[7 Oct 2009 | No Comment | ]
Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#26

Chaa Creek : The perfect answer to our travel wishes
Rich and I have been together 3 years and have yet to experience an international adventure together.  We planned on making 2009 our first Holiday away from home.  After weeks of indecision, I began to think this may not be the year for our adventure. Then, I received a text message from Rich that simply stated,” I have decided we are going to Belize“. Without hesitation, the endless research and planning …

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Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#23

I love active holidays and connecting with nature. Living on the west coast, I have climbed Half Dome in California Yosemite Park, hiked through old growth forests on the British Columbia coast and kayaked with dolphins in Baja. But most of my adventures are fairly close to home, given the cost and environmental impacts of flying. I’ve never been to a tropical rainforest. When I first discovered the amazing variety of adventures to experience in Belize I knew I had …

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[29 Sep 2008 | 5 Comments | ]
Natural History Museum

We are constantly working to provide our guests with new and enhanced ways to appreciate this area. The Natural History Museum that we started is a good example of our modest attempt to help people to get to know the area and experience it in many different ways. See visual displays of archaeological artifacts, butterflies, moths, insects and amphibians that capture the curiosity of young children, students and scientists alike.
Long before the Mayans came to this area, there were many …