The Beauty of Ecotourism

Some vacationers view ecotourism with skepticism, thinking it’s merely a less fun form of travel. On the contrary, ecotourism allows adventurous souls the opportunity to learn about their environment and access it in a much fuller way than the average tourist. They are able to make exciting discoveries and leave their destination better than they found it, instead of lounging at a resort pool, complaining that no one speaks their language.

Increased environmental awareness & Eco-travel destinations have begun to emerge

When our planet started to exist, only plants and animals inhabit our world. We humans would wait millions of years to begin our evolution and eventually emerge as the supreme and most dominant species in our territory. It would take a combination of natural calamity (asteroid impact killing all dinosaurs) and a rational mind (that which sets us apart from other life forms) to seal our fate as rulers of the earth.