Adventures in San Ignacio, Belize

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We recently spent three weeks in Belize and, recalling a favorite trip from ten years ago, decided to travel inland to the town of San Ignacio, the capital of the Cayo district in Western Belize. As soon as we headed away from the coast the terrain became more rugged, green and mountainous. My excitement increased as we neared this teaming city. San Ignacio is more highly populated than Ambergris Caye – and I was hopeful that its food culture would be equally extensive.

San Ignacio Town

Originally the town was established as a hub for mahogany cutters in the interior. Now it is the administrative center of the Cayo District. Many of the major Hotels, such as the San Ignacio Hotel, are to be found here.

San Ignacio can’t be mentioned without it’s twin town, Santa Elena. Together they have a population of about 18.000 inhabitants. While Santa Elena is still mostly residential, in downtown San Ignacio you’ll find the “Central Zone”.