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The Warm Welcome

When we returned to our room, we were in for quite a surprise. Sitting on our bed was a small wooden box, with glass walls. Inside it was a cocoon, and beside this were two cards, and two vouchers for free drinks at the bar. One letter explained that we were being given a butterfly that would emerge from a cocoon in a couple days time. We were to let it wait at least three hours after it emerges before releasing it. The other letter was welcoming us to The Lodge at Chaa Creek, personalized to us.

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50 Top Wellness Destinations: South & Central America

“Traveling for your health can combine feeling good with great destinations.
Just as more travelers are visiting foreign lands for affordable medical procedures, the popularity of “wellness destinations”—spas and other retreats where you can nurture your physical, mental, or spiritual well-being—is also growing. Traveler investigated hundreds of wellness destinations worldwide. We looked for spas that reflect the local culture, that offer authentic treatments, and that are set in attractive destinations. We avoided chain spas, preferring one-of-a-kind facilities. Our list includes ten …