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[18 Aug 2010 | One Comment | ]
Why It Would Be A Dream Come True For Me To Vacation In Belize

Hi my name is Nicole  and I’m 15 years old. The reason I want this vacation is for me and my dad, because we never get to go anywhere special for summer or any other time of the year. I Going to Belize and doing all of this really great stuff would give me and him some great time together and a great experience. I mean I’ve never really even vacationed anywhere, and especially out …

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[17 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
Rainforest & Reef Vacation at Chaa Creek Resort Belize

To highlight your experience and the many options they have many vacation packages to chose from, like the plus packages that which there is 10 of or the onsite packages which there is 11. Your choices include Barrier Reef & rainforest, Family adventure, Honeymoon package, Eco kids summer camp and the Spa vacation package for your special somebody. Then to get the adrenaline going you have some great accommodation options to chose from, like the Treetop suites, Camp Casitas, and many more.

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[16 Aug 2010 | One Comment | ]
Why I would like to vacation in Belize and the Lodge at Chaa Creek

The opportunity to share in the beauty that exists in Belize while learning how to interact with the natural beauty of the resort would be an educational opportunity of a lifetime. I would like to win this vacation package so that I can expand the understanding that both my daughter and I share so that we may take better steps to help protect the ecology of our own county AND other countries. Your Eco-Tours appear to provide all of the information we would need to return to our region and expand the understanding of others. Yes, I would like to win this vacation because we get all of this AND the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beauty that is Belize!

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[6 Aug 2010 | 22 Comments | ]
Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes

These fun-filled holidays of a life-time are being provided to friends & families who would like to enjoy an exceptional and exciting potpourri of specialized Maya Temple Exploration and Reef Snorkeling tours free of charge.

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[4 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
Vacation Sweepstake Winners

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize’s award-winning eco resort in the jungles of Central America is delighted to announce the winners of its Belize Eco-tourism Vacation Sweepstakes.

The Eco-tourism Sweepstake offered free eco-holidays inclusive of cottage accommodation, organic food, tours, and activities in Chaa Creek’s 365 acre rainforest reserve in the foothills of the Maya Mountains.

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[3 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
Eco-tourism Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#21

My mother was born and raised in Belize City in 1946.  She moved to the United States in the 1960’s but misses Belize!  She loves Belize but has only had the opportunity to travel back twice since she moved, once in 1980 and once in 2009.  I am planning a family vacation with my mother, wife and 1 year old son who will be visiting for the first time!  We would love to stay at the Lodge at Chaa Creek.  …

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[2 Aug 2010 | One Comment | ]
Heather and Ashik for the Ecotourism Package!

My boyfriend and I were planning our trip to Belize today and noticed this amazing opportunity to be a part of an Eco-tourism package. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend our vacation than at the luxury resort of Chaa Creek learning to how improve and conserve the environment that we love so much.

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[1 Aug 2010 | One Comment | ]
If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try, Try Again…”

I believe that winning the responsible traveler sweepstakes would offer an opportunity to delve into the philosophy that Chaa Resort exemplifies, and would be a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in my life, I am currently studying Massage & Holistic Healing in Portland, Oregon, at East West College of the healing Arts, my focus will be on Woman’s fertility, I am writing my final paper on Mayan Fertility Massage (inspired by my sister’s premature ovarian failure,) and researching the renowned Dr. Rosita Avrigo, and hope to begin attending her Mayan Fertility workshops upon graduation.

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[30 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]

In a dream I am walking the Mayan Rainforest Trail through the vast nature reserve of Chaa Creek. My feet make no sound in the soft leaf litter. All my senses are alive. Strange, gloriously colorful birds flit through the green canopy, and animals I have seen only in pictures peer out at me from the thick foliage of the forest floor. The plants are not familiar to me, yet I sense their powerful beneficence.

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[29 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
Vacation Sweepstakes – Belize Eco tourism Essay#16

I have never been to Central America but since I have discovered the Chaa Creek website I am dreaming about going to Belize. This wonderful small country combines all the wonders of the world like stunning beaches, pre-Colombian sites or luxurious jungle.

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[28 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
Vacation Sweepstakes – Belize Eco tourism Essay#15

Growing up in the near-wilderness of rural Michigan, I was one with the trees and the birds and the animals. It was a time of my life that is very dear to me, especially now that I live near and work in the big ol’ city of Chicago. The hustle and bustle of business people on their lunch break, the clack-clack-clacking of the Red Line overhead, and the screaming hobos make me wish I could escape to pastoral scenes like those of my childhood. That is why the Chaa Creek sweepstakes is so appealing to me and my hubby – we want to ESCAPE to a tranquil environment where we can just relax in the great outdoors, like humans have done for eons.

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[16 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
Belize Ecotourism Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#14

My husband and I heard about Chaa Creek and would like nothing more than to spend our vacation with you in Belize! I was born in Argentina shortly after World War II, and since my parents moved to the US in the 1960s, I have never been able to return to Central/South America. I would like nothing more than to re-enter the vibrant Latin culture that I was raised in, if only for a short …

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[2 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
I dreamed of traveling to the splendor of Belize

Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#10
My wife and I have dreamed about traveling to the splendor of Belize for many years now. It was supposed to be the site of our honeymoon, but that never materialized. We could not think of a prize than to be able to spend a vacation on the green vacation package at Chaa Creek! We are open to exploring the rainforest and all of the eye-opening experiences of Belize!
My wife and I heard about your great resort last year from friends of ours …

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[2 Jul 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#9

Go Green Belize Vacation Sweepstakes
How amazing to find a resort such as this…..With all inclusive packages for everyone imaginable, Wedding pacKage, Family Package and many more with a host of brilliantly planned things to do for each which can be customized to your individual taste and desires. I was struck with the location of this resort nestled on 340 acres over looking the macal river and the stewardship the owners have cultivated over the past …

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[25 Jun 2010 | No Comment | ]
Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#8

It is very important to me to travel to places that are environmentally friendly. Observing and interacting with the environment, learning about about the culture of the local inhabitants, and their interaction with the land is hugely vital to me. I attended high school at the “School of Environmental Studies”. As part of my senior thesis I worked with a local battered womens’ hostel and helped them go totally green. Like the “Go Green” of …

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[22 Jun 2010 | One Comment | ]
Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#7

Belize Eco-tourism Vacation Sweepstakes
To the people at Chaa Creek and Belize, my son and I have been looking for an eco-friendly place to take a vacation next summer. My son is very eco-minded, went to high school which specialized in environmental sciences, in conjunction with the Minnesota zoo.
For his senior project, he revamped a local battered women’s shelters garbage system so that it was totally recyclable. He earned a community award for this. It is very important …

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[8 Jun 2010 | One Comment | ]
Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#6

Belize Eco-tourism Vacation Sweepstakes

The Maya were masters at utilizing the jungle's natural resources for their practical and medicinal needs.
My wife and I heard about your great Belize resort from our children about a year ago and would love to spend our vacation there.  We are firm believers in conservation, and try to be sustainable in as many ways as we can (we have solar panels on our home and office). We could not think of a better gift …

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[1 Jun 2010 | No Comment | ]

Belize Vacation Sweepstakes
Chaa Creek is the embodiment of adventure in the middle of wild Belize. And adventure is life giving blood.  It is necessary for all of us in order to have fulfillment in our lives.
I believe that adventure is a way of being and thinking that ultimately manifests itself as a way of doing and living. It thrills us, enlightens us, strengthens us, stretches us,  inspires us, answers our curiosity and freaks us out sometimes but its never …

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[21 May 2010 | No Comment | ]
Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#4

Belize Eco Tourism Vacation Sweepstakes

I was initially drawn to Chaa Creek because of my passions: medicine and
rainforest conservation and art.  Chaa Creek is still the perfect place to
satisfy all of these while enjoying spending time with my husband.  But as I
perused more information about Chaa Creek, I came to realize that it is an
even more perfect place for us!
I am fascinated by the beauty and behavior of butterflies, and am a firm
believer in efforts to protect them. As I read …

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[20 May 2010 | No Comment | ]
Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#3

Belize Eco Tourism Vacation Sweepstakes

My fiance and I are both students and we do not have much money to spend on
a vacation.  We could not think of a better gift than to be able to spend a
green vacation in Belize at Chaa Creek! We know of it’s reputation as a
world-class resort and a great launching pad to explore the vibrant culture
of Belize.  We would love to spend our vacation touring Mayan
ruins, snorkeling in the colorful reefs, exploring the great natural
resources …