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[27 Apr 2015 | No Comment | ]

The Lodge at Chaa Creek has the reputation as Belize’s “Destination within a destination” because there’s so much to do right here and with an emphasis on healthy activities and meals using fresh ingredients from our Maya organic farm, locally raised livestock and seafood from Belize’s pristine Caribbean, people of all ages can enjoy amazing exciting adventures.

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[10 Oct 2013 | No Comment | ]

This is good news, and The Belize Tourism Board released the information in much the same way it was received by tourism industry stakeholders – with big smiles across the faces. We are growing as an overnight tourism destination, attracting the sort of people who stay longer, spend more money, and get to know Belize and Belizeans better.

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[19 Mar 2013 | 2 Comments | ]

If you are looking for a holiday destination that is small and friendly, plan a trip to Belize. This beautiful country is often overlooked by those searching for a Caribbean paradise, but their loss is your gain because if you take a trip to Belize you will soon discover paradise on earth. And there is more than enough to keep you occupied 24 hours a day as you will see from the following list of the 25 things you can do on a Belize vacation.

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[3 Aug 2012 | One Comment | ]

Belize is a rewarding, authentic destination for travelers in search of unique, intimate experiences in a Caribbean/Central American getaway. A Belize vacation will stir your soul, expand your mind and change your life.

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[27 Mar 2012 | No Comment | ]

A 2012 Belize vacation in the heartland of the Maya has just become more affordable with the introduction of new discounts to Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, marketing administrator Larry Waight said while announcing the new spring and summertime deals.

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[20 Jun 2011 | No Comment | ]
A Belize Vacation Vision

From here I really was part of the forest. Light mist hung in the trees and caught the early rays of the sun. Birds awoke from their slumbers and began their usual raucous rituals especially the Macaws and Tucans. Not to be outdone, in the distance, began the cries of the Black Howlers, fighting over territory, mates or just happy to be alive. As usual, basking in the early sun, eying me up, was my resident Green Iguana. He just lay on the railing of my deck as if he owned the place, perhaps he did?

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[9 Mar 2011 | One Comment | ]
Why I want to Vacation in Belize

We desperately need this vacation more than anyone because together we’ve battled more than most people do in a lifetime and we’re just now getting our life started together at 30 & 40 years of age. We truly deserve to lay back and relax for once. We can’t wait to spend a vacation in Belize together, as husband and wife!

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[7 Jan 2011 | One Comment | ]
You Better Belize It!

Nearly twenty years later I found, with this Vacation Sweepstakes contest, a chance to retrace our steps in Belize. It is one of the top three vacations we took with our children in lieu of where “Mom, every one but us has been to” – Disney World. Besides Belize, we also learned about Native American culture in one trip out West – to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and Monument Valley. The other of the top three family vacations was to a mountain cabin in the LaVerandre National Park in Quebec, Canada. But Belize remains our favorite.

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[30 Dec 2010 | One Comment | ]
Belize – A Hidden Gem in Latin America

Considering the details of this contest it seems as if winning this prize would make for the most absolute perfect first time visit to Belize. To have the chance to stay in a beautiful resort, be treated to wonderful meals, canoe the Macal River, visit Maya Temple, caves, barrier reef, the Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm & Rainforest Medicinal Trail would truly become a once in a lifetime experience. The photos of the accommodations at Chaa Creek actually took my breath away! They look as if they’re something from a dream. I can’t believe a place like this actually exists. I’ve also never been in the jungle before! I could just imagine how incredibly fascinating it would be to walk through such a pristine ecosystem and hear and see all of the species of animals and birds. It must feel as if you’re in a movie. Must feel larger than life and surreal!

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[3 Sep 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
A Belize Vacation has captured my eco-minded attention!

A Vacation to Belize’s Chaa Creek has captured my eco-minded attention! I have been a Registered Nurse for 15 years. I feel confident in helping people maintain and improve their health. My mission has been focused on the people living in this world. Unfortunately, I was oblivious to the world that people were living in.
About five years ago, I had my eyes and spirit awakened. I realized that I needed to make changes in my …

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[17 Sep 2009 | No Comment | ]
A Vacation to Belize:Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#10

It’s been almost two years since we visited at Chaa Creek, my husband and I had such a wonderful experience we’ve asked ourselves often- “How can we go back?”  Perhaps this contest is the answer to our dream of returning.  There are so many things we’d like to do again – early morning birding with the dew still on the flowers, canoeing lazily up the river on a sunny afternoon, the guided night hike and all of the wonderful sounds …