Chaa Creek – A Green Globe Certified Bronze Company!


We have achieved an award certification through Green Globe!

There can be many different reasons why we would celebrate winning an award.  We have won many awards in the past and we take these seriously, but this definitely is an important achievement for us, and a sign of our intent to continue improving.

green-globe-bronze-2008-company-award So we are very happy to have achieved a Green Globe Benchmarked Bronze status. This award basically recognizes our continued effort to benchmarking our water and energy consumption, reducing our total waste production, and increasing our community commitment through integrated environmental and social policy. We have a long history of walking the walk, and working to preserve the environment around us that makes our lodge, and our resort so special.

You might even say that we walk the walk on our own results.  We recycle tin cans and crushed glass in the very concrete walkways around our resort!

The Bronze status is one of the early steps towards formalizing our efforts and results, and looking for even better ways to achieve our goals. We now turn our focused effort towards achieving a Green Globe Silver status certification.

These certifications are not medals awarded for a competition, but a recognition of having successfully moved forward and up through the process towards a Gold Status. Achieving a Bronze status can take many months to over a year if all requirements are met. A Silver Status can take up to two years after achieving a Bronze status. A Gold Status represents the achievement of certification for over 5 years.

As a business, we recognize that preserving and protecting the environment includes our physical surroundings as well as the people in community living in the surroundings. Our actions and interactions play a part on everything that happens, and we work to achieve a sustainable balance here in Belize. If we preserve and protect our environment, if we promote and encourage our neighbors, friends and employees, we will not only live in a better environment, but we will live in an improving environment as well.

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4 thoughts on “Chaa Creek – A Green Globe Certified Bronze Company!

  1. We agree Larry, and thanks Jack so do we, but there is benefit in the time spent learning how to get there too. We’re not trying to cut corners just to get an award quickly, so we’re definitely looking forward to learning even better practices as we go forward!

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