Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay #3

Why I Want to Visit Chaa Creek.

We had the privilege of visiting Belize in February this year. We have visited many wild, exotic and wonderful places but the Macal River area of Cayo in Belize stands out as a lifetime memory.

We were inspired by our visit, to create an eco web site to raise awareness of pollution and climate changes that are impacting wildllife in this wonderful area. We plan to donate some of the funds from a social network we are building to green projects in Belize, and neighbouring countries, before it’s too late. We expect to launch this new site within a few weeks.

Many countries have already lost the natural wonders they had just five years ago, but Belize has been trying to prevent this happening to their environment. People are so friendly and helpful, and we would like the chance to meet more environmentalists and understand their projects.

When we visited we stayed in several places in Belize, but the ultimate destination was Cayo District. We tried to stay at Chaa Creek but we were disappointed, as we were not lucky enough to be able to get a room for the few days. We had to stay somewhere else which was not very nice, although the area was amazing. The San Ignacio area of Belize is truly a paradise, the birdlife was really special and abundant and we almost saw a jaguar – the camera told us we were just a few minutes early, so we expect he saw us…ooooh, spine chilling stuff!

So, we would love to return to Belize, and to have the chance to stay at Chaa Creek this time would be stunning, we have read so much about this fabulous eco-resort. It also came very highly recommended by the locals.

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