Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay #4

I am delighted to have been able to spend a few years living in Belize.  Alas I was working and had very little time to go beyond Belize City.

One thing I would do in my Leisure time whether strolling along a deserted beach on Kaye Chapel or walking to Mother’s restaurant in Belize City would be to carry a plastic bag with me and collect trash on my way.  This is a small that that I could help to keep Belize Beautiful.  My path took me back to Colorado with a wonderful family,  I met my wife in Belize, she was a refugee from the civil war in El salvador and two wonderful children  We all continue to dream about being wild and free on the Caribbean Sea.

I continue to do what I can for the environment and am active at work organizing reduction in paper work and increasing recycling.

The fact that so much of Belize’s virgin rainforest is in pristine condition,  and steps have been taken to protect these irreplaceable eco systems both terrestrial and marine,  place Belize in the forefront of eco tourism destinations.  Add to this the rich heritage of the indigenous peoples,  and the fascinating story of the past five hundred years beginning with the buccaneers and Baymen that bring to the new century a wonderful mix if cultures that include Creole,  mestizo,  Gafrifuna,  Arab, Hindu,  Quiche and Yucatec Maya, British and even ex confederate soldiers from the American civil War and more recent American ex-patriot’s as I was.

I would like to end by commending Chaa Creek for their continued commitment to the planet.  and Hope to see you in Belize very soon.

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