Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay #2

My first visit to the Lodge at Chaa Creek was in the summer or 2009.  Traveling on a tight budget, my friend and I stayed in a cabin at the Macal River Camp, a cheaper, “no frills” alternative to the suites and cottages.  We could not have been more pleased with the campsite, surrounded by rainforest and located just above the river.  It was such a pleasure to wake up each morning to the sounds of the various creatures in the forest.  Our days began with a canoe ride up the river before breakfast.  And the breakfasts, which were included in the price, were hearty and delicious.   Once breakfast was through, it was off to one of the many daily activities or excursions.  Making our daily plans was a total snap as the staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  All of the excursions were well organized and the guides were friendly and informative.  I was really impressed with the guides for the activities at the lodge itself, such as those for bird watching and horseback riding.  The guides were involved with research activities of the Mayan ruins and the flora/fauna on site which added to the depth of their knowledge.

We returned each night to the camp for a homemade dinner.  I enjoyed dining with other guests to hear of the adventures they had during their stay.  And the camp staff would sit with us each night to offer advice for activities the next day.  If they suggested something that sounded interesting, it was a quick phone call to the main lodge and it would all be arranged for us to happen the next day.

To end each day, my friend and I sat by the pool and sipped cocktails until the sun went down before returning to camp.  What a wonderful way to end each wonderful day.

I cannot say enough about how kind and helpful the people were.  I returned from my vacation totally relaxed.  Although the experience really seemed like a once in a lifetime vacation, I am trying my luck to make it happen twice.  That is why I am entering the Green Sweepstakes to visit the Lodge at Chaa Creek……again.

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