Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#17

In turbulent times such as these, whether dealing with job loss, global economic crises or the continuing drive to extinguish what natural beauty remains in the world, enjoying peace and solitude away from these daily horrors is truly a treasure one must savor. 

My travel experiences have taken me across the globe to various European countries, but none can match the simple untouched splendor of my home state of Montana. The draw of clean air, untouched by pollutants; the sound of water, clean and simple; the feel of the earth is unparalleled by anything I’ve seen. However I believe there is an experience awaiting me in Belize that will match, and possibly surpass, the emotions that nature can engender. 

While searching for my next life experience, I found Chaa Creek, which embodies everything I am looking for: a concern for nature, a taste of culture and the relaxation I seek. I came across the resort through researching the recognition awarded Chaa Creek by numerous organizations over the last few years. The website did the rest. 

Chaa Creek is in tune with what matters to me on a vacation. It recognizes the importance of preserving what the earth has created, as attested by its 365 acre preserve. It entices with its beautiful accommodations. It excites with the myriad of activities and available spa treatments. 

Time away from work and the pressures of daily life is all-too-short and extremely valuable. One needs an opportunity to rest, relax and recharge. Chaa Creek appears to offer the opportunities to fulfill these requirements and more. I look forward to experiencing all it has to offer.

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