Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay #5

While recently planning my honeymoon my fiancé and I began to think of extraordinary places that we could go that offered a good mix of adventure activities and beaches and that place was Belize. We didn’t know much about Belize before we started planning our honeymoon.

It seems that Belize is often over looked when planning a vacation, but once I started researching I was amazed at how much Belize has to offer. After spending weeks researching everything my fiancé and I wanted to do in Belize there was no better hub than the Lodge at Chaa Creek.

It offered everything we wanted with the luxury service you would expect of the four seasons yet, it is secluded deep in the jungle. Pictures alone can’t describe what it must be like at the lodge. Once we started perusing the website we quickly both fell in love with the lodge instantly, we didn’t look at any other lodges in the Cayo district we knew that no matter what it would cost we would go to Chaa Creek for a honeymoon of a lifetime.

It is not every day one can take a trip even more so during these economic times and starting a new life with my fiancé we both knew that we would only be able to afford one luxury vacation in our lifetime and that would be on our honeymoon. We want to stay at the lodge at Chaa Creek to be immersed even if only for brief time in a world forgotten, deep in the mystical jungles, at the foot of the Mayan Mountains, while still being pampered like celebrities.

We can’t think of a better place then Chaa Creek, what you have managed to capture at the resort is simply magical and we both would love to experience the magic first hand however possible, this is not simply about the free vacation we love what you managed to create and hope to see you soon after we start our new lives together.

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