Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay #6

Journal entry 01/19/08 – 6:08pm: “We arrived at Chaa Creek today and immediately I was moved by the beautiful lush grounds.  Our room is unbelievable.  There is no phone or TV – perfect!  The very best thing is the private outdoor shower.”

Journal Entry 01/20/08 – 11:20am:  “Last night after dinner we came back to our room and I gave Diana a foot massage with a lotion she loves. I told her I wanted to try the outdoor shower.  Just as I was going out the rain started pouring.  I stood under the oversized shower head, blanketed by it’s warmth while simultaneously showered by large cool drops from the heavens…too warm and comfortable to run to shelter…so I stayed out there staring up into the sky, listening to the rain and the wind gently brushing the trees overhead….it was a perfect moment.” 

Those are two excerpts from my journal entries during our trip to Belize.  We had been dating nearly 4 months and we wanted to take a trip out of the country.  I wanted to go south.  She suggested Belize and chose Chaa Creek.  I did not know what to expect.  It was amazing…the warmth and mix of people along with the rich history and culture made Belize and our visit to Chaa Creek an amazing experience. We befriended our driver from the airport.  We had dinner with his wife and child before returning and we still keep in touch via e mail.

We feel madly and deeply in love at Chaa Creek.  Five months after our trip we were engaged and now 22 months after our trip we are getting married!  I wrote 14 pages in my journal during our visit.  From time to time I read excerpts to Diana and we relive the adventure, romance and beauty….

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