Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#16

I would like to win a free vacation to The Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize.  (Who wouldn’t?)  It sounds wonderful.  I looked through the beautiful, informative website.   It looks like all the comforts one could imagine are there in this amazing 365 acre resort.  I very much like the idea of viewing Mayan ruins.  I am also impressed with the stress on ecology in this area and am very glad to see it.  This would be a big draw to most of the people I know.  

My sister and her husband go to Belize every second year and they have a wonderful time; they love the country.  They go to an island where only golf carts are allowed for transportation; they can fish right off the dock, and the snorkelling is wonderful.  They come back with the most beautiful pictures of things above and below the ocean water. 

A few years ago I went to Costa Rica with my daughter and son in law, and took a day trip into Nicarauga.  We travelled through rainforest jungle and viewed volcano craters and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I imagine the countryside in Belize would be quite similar.  My daughter and her husband want to go back and do an ecological tour trip some day in that area somewhere.  We liked the Central American area.  And again, we are very impressed with the places that are trying to present a tourist attraction, yet protect their ecology at the same time.I live in British Columbia, Canada, right in the mountains, in the beautiful Creston Valley, with the large Kootenay Lake in it, and I imagine the forest and mountains must be even more beautiful in Belize, because of the rainforest jungle and it’s unique wildlife and plantlife.  I am an insurance agent, and among other things, we sell medical travel insurance, so I hear many travel stories that wantt my appetite.

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